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Creating unique personalised fine art portraits of you and your family with freshness and orginality. Portraits capture the essential character and spirit of the person with succinct and elegant use of line and inspiring, harmonious tones. Choose a setting that shows a special moment or place in your life and the colours that suit you and your décor.

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Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
“I adore my print ’Well-Being in the Sun’ by Peter Moolan-Feroze and it gives me joy every time I look at it. The feeling of stillness and enjoying a book in the sunshine evokes warm sunny relaxed holiday vibes and the vibrant colours light up the dullest of English winter days.”
— Tania Brint
Customer Reviews
We wanted a colourful painting that would stand out as the centrepiece of our room. We came across Peter’s work and ‘The Westminster Hotel, Le Touquet’ met our requirements perfectly. Getting the work to us in Australia was achieved seamlessly with the greatest ease and professionalism. We are exceedingly happy with the end result”
— Aurora and Mark Scarborough
Customer Reviews
With just a few strokes of line and colour you can see and feel a story emerging from the gaze of this beautiful lady. We feel privileged that she spent a split second looking at us, and it is the same impression every time our eyes rest on the picture. I really appreciate Peter’s insistence on high quality printing which has made the colours so powerful and vibrant. We love “Gaze” and so do our guests.
— Marie-Odile Garrow
Customer Reviews
I bought Peter’s picture Coup de Vent to add a touch of elegance and colour to the walls of my clothes boutique. The customers love it and it contributes to the stylish ambience of the shop.
— Ailsa Macalister, (Fabric Boutique)